Monitoring marine ecosystems

Intensive course Schedule and information

1           Friday, August 17th

1.1         Afternoon

Planes from Scandinavia arrive at 15:00 to 16:00 students picket up at Keflavk airport (rental car, Ford Econline 14 passengers, Skoda Octavia 5 passengers)

Travel directly to Akureyri

1.2         Evening

Dinner road shop on the way to Eyjafjrur, arrive at around 22:00 in Eyjafjrur ca 1000 kr per student

Accommodation will be in a summerhouse in the remote valley of Barkrdalur. The most famous ghost in Iceland, the Deacon of Dark river roams this area. Hidden people, sheep and blueberries are also common there.


The deacon of Dark River to the left, Borgir, research building at the University of Akureyri to the right, there are yet no known ghosts in this building

Saturday, August 18th - Akureyri

1.3         Morning

Breakfast in the summerhouse

9:00 12:00, Lectures at University of Akureyri, Borgir

The University and the surrounding area Hreiar r Valtsson

The marine environment in Iceland Steingrmur Jnsson

1.4         Afternoon

12:00 12:30, Light lunch in Akureyri, sandwiches

12:30 13:30, Lectures in Borgir

Marine fish and fisheries in Iceland Hreiar r Valtsson

13:30 17:00, Akureyri sightseeing, fish processing plant, trawler, downtown walk

17:00 18:30, swimming pool (closes at 18:30)

1.5         Evening

Dinner at the summerhouse, barbeque

Accommodation will be in the summerhouse

Akureyri Swimming pool Open from 7:00-21:00 on weekdays and 8:00-18:30 on weekends more on swimming pools in Iceland here

2           Sunday, August 19th Mvatn

2.1         Morning

Breakfast at the summerhouse, clean up

09:00 11:00, travel to Lake Mvatn, stop on the way in Goafoss

Lake Mvatn sightseeing, Dimmuborgir

2.2         Afternoon

Light lunch, sandwiches

Krafla Geothermal plant (open from 13:00-17:00)

Lake Mvatn sightseeing continued

Swimming in the Blue lagoon (open until 23:30) 1400 kr

2.3         Evening

19:00 20:00, dinner at Gamli brinn (confirmed, p. 464 4270)

Travel to Hsavk, arrive around 21:00

Accommodation in the camping place in Hsavk


Natural beauty in Mvatn natural baths Open from 9:00-23:30, more here. Beautiful nature in Lake Mvatn more here and here..

3           Monday, August 20th - Hsavk

3.1         Morning

8:00 8:45, Breakfast in the bakery heimabakari (confirmed, p. 464 2900)

Whale watching, boat leaves at 09:00, three hour trip (confirmed, p. 464 7272)

3.2         Afternoon

Light lunch, sandwiches

Lectures and look around in the Whale museum from 13:00 18:00

Marine mammals in Iceland Hreiar r Valtsson

Photo identification of whales Claire Ludgate

Whale watching Nels Einarsson

3.3         Evening

Travel to Lake Mvatn again

19:00 20:00 Dinner at Gamli brinn (The old farm), Lectures at the same time

Lake Mvatn, geology and freshwater ecology Arni Einarsson.

Travel to Akureyri and arrive there late, around 21:00

Accommodation in Ytri Vk (confirmed, p. 899 8000)


Whale watching from Hsavk on the left more on The whale museum in Hsavk on the right more on

4           Tuesday, August 21st - Eyjafjrur

4.1         Morning

Breakfast at Ytri vk

Lectures from 09:00 10:30

Fish tagging Hlynur rmansson

Introduction on the boat trips Hreiar r Valtsson

11:00 - 12:00, sightseeing Hauganes, abalone farm

4.2         Afternoon

Light lunch on board boats

12:00 - 19:00, Underwater camera, benthic sampling, Einar Nesi

13:00 - 17:00, Fishing trip on Nels Jnsson 13:00-17:00, tagging

4.3         Evening

Dinner at Ytri Vk, barbequed fish

Accommodation in Ytri Vk (2)


Hlynur rmannsson catching saithe for tagging on the left, the whale watching, gillnet boat Nels Jnsson

5           Wednesday, August 22nd - Eyjafjrur

5.1         Morning

Breakfast at Ytri Vk

Fishing trip from Hauganes 09:00-13:00, tagging,

5.2         Afternoon

Light lunch on board

14:00 - 15:00, Hjalteyri and look at a halibut farm (confirm 2 days before, p. 863 1510)

16:00 - 18:00, Boat trip on Hni II, underwater camera, hydrothermal vents.

18:00 19:00, microbrewery Kaldi trip, 500 kr per person (confirmed, p. 466 2505, 867 3007)

5.3         Evening

Dinner in Ytri Vk, mussels and barbequed fish

Accommodation in Ytri Vk (3)


Students in fisheries sciences at the university of Akureyri on the right, mussel harvester Eyrn from Hrsey

6           Thursday, August 23rd - Siglufjrur

6.1         Morning

Breakfast at Ytri vk

09:00 - 11:00, Sail to Hrsey, mussel farming, light lunch at onboard, sandwiches

11:30 - 13:00, Swimming in Dalvk

6.2         Afternoon

Light lunch in the car, sandwiches

Travel to Siglufjrur. start at 13:00, arrive in Siglufjrur at around 15:00

The herring museum (open from 13:00-17:00, confirmed. P. 467 1604)

6.3         Evening

Dinner at Pizza 67

Accommodation in Siglufjordur camping place (1)


The town of Siglufjrur, the herring capital of the world more on


7           Friday, August 24th Skagafjrur

7.1         Morning

Breakfast (quick) at 9:00

Travel to Saurkrkur where Hlar University Colllega has facilities

7.2         Afternoon

12:00 - 13:00, Lunch in lafshs Sauarkrkur

Lecture in Sauarkrkur from 13:00 16:00

Freshwater fishes and aquaculture in Iceland Hlar staff

Fish biology research at Sauarkrkur, sightseeing

7.3         Evening

Dinner at Varmahlid

Swimming in Thelamrk, open until 21:30

Arrive late in Akureyri

Accommodation will be in a guesthouse Slur (confirmed, p. 461 1160)


Hlar church on the left, once the capital of Northern Iceland more on Guesthouse Slur in Akureyri on the right

8           Saturday, August 25th - Akureyri

8.1         Morning

Sleep late. I will be away for this entire day, Bjarni Eirks will take care of you.

8.2         Afternoon

Lunch at you own choice downtown

Unassigned and possibly free time

8.3         Evening

Dinner at your own choice downtown

The last day of the Art summer, birthday of Akureyri, celebrations all over town

Accommodation will be in a guesthouse Slur


Hni II, the last wooden boat built in Akureyri, Robbie Williams aboard Hni II



9           Sunday, August 26th - Akureyri

9.1         Morning

Sleep rather late

Lectures at Borgir from 11:00 - 15:00

How to count fish Hreiar r Valtsson

Plankton and benthos, algae and invertebrates Hreiar r Valtsson

9.2         Afternoon

Light lunch between lectures, sandwiches

15:00 17:00, laboratory work

9.3         Evening

Dinner at Fririk the 5th (not confirmed)

Accommodation will be in a guesthouse Slur


Research boat Einar Nesi in Eyjafjrur on the left. Ccaptain Tryggvi, on the left

10       Monday, August 27th - Akureyri

10.1     Morning

Breakfast at the university cafeteria (1)

9:00 - 12:00, Lectures in Borgir

Marine monitoring programmes in Iceland Hreiar r Valtsson

Monitoring pollution sta Margrt smundsd.

Look at laboratories at Borgir

10.2     Afternoon

12:00 - 13:00, Lunch at the university cafeteria (1)

13:00 - 18:00, cod in cages in Eyjafjrur , sampling benthos and plankton, Research boat Einar Nesi

10.3     Evening

20:00 - 23:00, Videoshow, in Caf Amor, swimming with fishes, pizza Erlendur Bogason

Accommodation will be in guesthouse Slur


Akureyri in the evening

11       Tuesday, August 28th - Akureyri

11.1     Morning

Breakfast at the university cafeteria (2)

Laboratory work

11.2     Afternoon

Lunch at the university cafeteria (2)

Leave for Reykjavk (Kjlur ?)

11.3     Afternoon

Sleep at the Youth Hostel in Njardvik (10 min drive to the International airp.)

12       WEdnesday, August 29th - Akureyri

12.1     Morning

Finland flight (FI 342) leaves at 07:55, Other Scandinavian flights leave at similar time


Map of the university area, north is up

Map of Akureyri, north is up


Your traveling in Northern Iceland