Lectures & Labs
GAM0183 Game Programming


There will be 10 laboratory sessions each worth 2% giving a total of 20%.
Students must obtain an overall passing grade i.e. obtain at least 9,6% of the 20%.

Laboratories in weeks 2-7 should be cleared by the end of the project week.
Marking of these laboratories will be closed at the end of the project week.


Week 1 Lecture 1 ppt,pdf Introduction
Lecture 2 ppt,pdf Case Study: Adventure for the Atari 2600
  Laboratory 1 Word,pdf "I enjoyed playing this game."  
Week 2 Lecture 3 ppt,pdf History of Games: Part A
Tennis for Two Spacewar! Computer Space Pong Gran Trak 10 Colossal Cave Adventure
Adventure (Atari 2600) MUD Battlezone Defender
Laboratory2a Word,pdf Play the world´s worst computer game
Downloads: Game Over (Windows) Game Over (Mac)
  Lecture 4 ppt,pdf Bill of Player´s Rights (interactive fiction)
article: Introduction to IF
Laboratory 2b follow the laboratory supervisor´s instructions
Inform 7 IF IDE, Windows and Mac
(Inform 7 local copy I7-5U92-Windows, local copy I7-5Z71-Windows)
Windows Frotz 1.15 Gargoyle IF players, Windows (local copy Windows Frotz 1.15)
Spatterlight , Zoom IF players, Mac
zblorb example: Bronze (explanation and source text)
source text for The Legend of Grammy´s Apple
Week 3 Lecture 5 ppt,pdf Puzzles (interactive fiction)
Lecture 6 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 language Part A source text A
Lecture 7 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 language Parts B and C source text B source text C
  Laboratory 3a Word,pdf A minimal game in INFORM 7 using a locked door  
Week 4 Lecture 8 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 Light Puzzles LightSwitchOutsideRoom FlashLight LightForAFewMinutes LimitedFlashlight
Laboratory 4a Word,pdf A minimal game in INFORM 7 using only light puzzles
  Lecture 9 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 Vehicle Puzzles BasicVehicle WalkingZoneOnly MotorCycle
Laboratory 4b Word,pdf A minimal game in INFORM 7 using only vehicle puzzles
why the original polish example no longer works
To override a built-in command use, for example:
Understand the command "polish" as something new.
Week 5 Lecture 10 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 Time Puzzles TimeFragments
Laboratory 5a Word,pdf A minimal game in INFORM 7 using only time puzzles
why the original press example no longer works
To override a built-in command use, for example:
Understand the command "press" as something new.
  Lecture 11 ppt,pdf INFORM 7 NPC Puzzles SimpleConversation Persuasion
Laboratory 5b Word,pdf A minimal game in INFORM 7 using only NPC puzzles
Week 6 Lectures 12, 13, and 14 ppt,pdf
Temporal Trajectories and the Day of the Figurines (see video)
  Laboratory 6a ppt,pdf Skein, transcript, walkthrough, and map in INFORM 7
Week 7 Lectures 15 and 16 ppt,pdf Issues and problems writing rule-based, interactive fiction (INFORM 7) code  
  Laboratory 7 ppt,pdf Editing the default map in INFORM 7 MapEditing
PDF convertors: http://neevia.com/ JAWS pdf creator
GSview 4.9 to view an eps (requires GPL Ghostscript 8.63 to be installed)
Project Week    
Week 8 Lectures 17 and 18 ppt,pdf Game Taxonomies... and a few other things
Craig A. Lindley´s taxonomy
Chris Crawford´s taxonomy
traffic simulation video
The Lottery in Babylon @ Wikipedia
  Laboratory 8 ppt,pdf Playtesting using think-alouds with an observer.
Laboratory sheet word,pdf
Week 9 Lectures 19, 20, 21 and 22 ppt,pdf A basic 2-D vector-based Java game...
The 2D Graphics Trail at Sun
SVG example at w3schools.com
  No laboratory Week 9.  
Week 10 Laboratory 9 Word,pdf Probing the gameplay of a basic 2-D vector-based Java game
BaseVectorShape.java Ship.java Bullet.java Asteroid.java Asteroids.java
  Laboratory 9 continued (and Catch-ups of Laboratory 1, Laboratory 6a)  
Week 11 Lectures 23, 24, 25 and 26 ppt,pdf A basic 2-D bitmap-based Java Game...
Affine Transform Explorer
  No laboratory Week 11.  
Week 12 Laboratory 10 Word,pdf Probing the gameplay of a basic 2-D bitmap-based Java game
(asteroid1.png asteroid2.png asteroid3.png asteroid4.png asteroid5.png
BaseGameEntity.java bluespace.png GalacticWar.java ImageEntity.java
plasmashot.png Point2D.java shoot.wav SoundClip.java spaceship.png Sprite.java
Bitmap graphics editor GIMP for Windows. (GIMP Manual online)
  Lecture 27 How commercial game companies advertise themselves
Half-Life2 EVE ONLINE Age of Empires III GOGOGIC LucasArts (Star Wars Galaxies) SimCity Videos @ www.tolvuleikir.com
Lecture 28 Assignment 2 demonstration and Examination Advice

History (2)
Reviewing games
First person shooter games
Cheating in games
AI in games
The success of Monkey Island
Studies of MMOG
Game of Life
Do we live in a computer game?


Dr Andy Brooks, GAM0183 Game Programming, Háskólinn á Akureyri